About Me

Thank you for visiting my author page.

I am a Software Engineer and I love what I do. I find programming to be immensely rewarding, and the more time I spend doing it the more I enjoy it. There is always something new to learn, and new areas to explore.

I graduated with my bachelors in Computer Science from San Diego State University in 2017. In my day job I work mostly with C# and .Net. In my spare time I spend time working on fun projects, mostly related to web development and more backend oriented things. As I mention on the about OamaTech.com page, this website is dedicated to sharing programming related content, as well as tech product recommendations. As I work with technology on a daily bases I think I have a good basis for giving advice on what products might be good choices.

Since you are reading this page I assume you are also interested in the world of Software Engineering or tech related products. I think there is something uniquely interesting about creating, even if it is not something physical like a house or a car. Software Engineering allows you to build something that is useful and that can benefit other people, which is one thing I really enjoy about programming.

Outside of programming I also really enjoy hiking, camping, and soccer. Although I don’t play much soccer these days, I did play for many years, and I still enjoy watching games and setting up my fantasy team every weekend.

My favorite camping site is probably Sequoia National Forest. The gigantic trees is an amazing sight that you should try to see once in your lifetime if possible. If you ever go, let me know what you think.

Currently I am working on learning more about Angular. I want to build applications using Angular on the front end and .Net on the backend. I am also spending time with .Net 5 as that is coming out now.

Again, thank you for visiting my author page. I hope you find the content on this website helpful, and if you have any questions you may contact me through the contact page.