About OamaTech

OamaTech was started in 2019 to share information about programming and tech related information.

At this moment, the recommendations provided on this website are based on comparison research and opinion. You are encouraged to seek other opinions and advice before you make any purchasing decisions.

The main reason for starting OamaTech was to provide helpful advice. One of the main concerns of many graduating computer science students is that they don’t have enough experience, and they don’t have a portfolio of projects that they are happy with. It is my goal to help people who want to build something that they can use to showcase to potential employees.

Specifically, OamaTech aims at having full length project tutorials covering topics such as web development, embedded programming, mobile, and desktop development.

The content will focus mainly around JavaScript, C#, and other .Net technologies. Feel free to reach out if you have something related to that which you would like to see more projects about.

I hope that you find the information on this website useful, and if you have any requests you can email me at oamatech[at]gmail[dot]com.