About OamaTech

OamaTech was started in 2019 to share information about programming and tech related information.

The main reason for starting OamaTech was to provide helpful advice. One of the main concerns of many graduating computer science students is that they don’t have enough experience, and they don’t have a portfolio of projects that they are happy with. It is my goal to help people who want to build something that they can use to showcase to potential employees.

Specifically, OamaTech aims at having full length project tutorials covering topics such as web development, mobile, and desktop development.

This is a huge undertaking. Simply creating a program is challenging enough, but then to also present it in an easy to understandable manner is another level of complexity. Because of this, OamaTech also has a lot of smaller guides on simple topics. They are the building blocks that will make up some of the larger projects. Rather than explain the same thing over and over again, these articles can be used as resources to help the reader get a better understanding of the topic.

The content will focus mainly around JavaScript, C#, and other .Net technologies. These are the technologies that I know the best and have the most fun working with. As I state on my author page, I am currently working on learning Angular so keep an eye out for posts relating to the new Angular 10 version.

In addition to programming, I also have a love for technology in general. In order to support the creating of technical content on this website, I also review tech related products such as laptops. This website is financially supported through affiliate marketing, so if you click on a link it is possible that is an affiliate link and I make a commission for qualifying purchases. Every page that has affiliate links on them are market clearly at the top of the page so that you know if the page contains affiliate links or not.

I work with technology every day and I have a good idea of what products are good and what are not. On this website I provide you my opinion as a technology enthusiast, but you are of course encouraged to use your own judgement. There will always be several options for you to choose from, and you should use those as a basis if you want to do your own research.

It is my goal that you will find the resources on this website helpful. You are welcome to provide your own opinion and ask questions if you have any. I will do my best to answer you as quickly as I can. You can contact me through the contact page.

We also have a privacy policy that details how we store an collect information about or visitors.