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Unless your grandparents are power users and likes to play video games, they probably don’t need a very powerful laptop. What would serve them the best would most likely be an entry level laptop that offers keys that are easy to see and a screen where the resolution is high enough. A backlit keyboard can be can also be a good feature for them. Most laptops with backlit keyboards have a button you can click to turn it on or off. Especially in the evening when the light is not too good this would be helpful. Below you will find what we consider the best laptop for grandparents.

What to look for in a Laptop for Your Grandparent

There are a few features we think are important in a laptop that is meant for your grandparent.


The first is that you should look for a laptop that has a backlit keyboard. When the lighting situation is not great, it is very beneficial for older individuals to have a backlit keyboard. It makes it easier to see the keys. The keys should also not be super small. Because of that I recommend that you don’t go for a smaller 13 inch laptop. They can be a little more difficult for someone a little older to handle.

If possible, it is also useful to get a numpad on the keyboard. It makes it easier to deal with numbers, not only for you but also for your grandparent.


I think you should go for a full HD screen. Many cheaper laptops come with resolution that is lower than full HD, but they always look a bit funny. Also, not all programs are suited for use on lower settings, and you can always make the icons bigger in Windows.

I recomend that you get a matte screen. The matte screen will be a lot better in sunlight. With a glossy screen it can be difficult to see the screen if you cant completely control the light, or if the laptop happens to be at the wrong angle compared to some light source.


The CPU is not important in this case. Despite that, even though your grandparent most likely is not a super user, and don’t require a powerful laptop, make sure the CPU is not too old. Any version if the Intel CPUs are fine, but try to get something that is at least a 7th generation. Many cheaper laptops are cheap because they skimp out on the CPU, but 7th generation is already several years old as the 10th one is rolling out now.


The most important thing is that you get a laptop with an SSD. Many cheap laptops come with a regular hard drive, but SSDs are so much faster that I can only recommend that. The laptop will start faster, feel fresher, and it is better if you want to move the laptop while it is on as it does not have moving mechanical parts in the same way a regular hdd does.


RAM is important in any laptop. It is the memory that holds information readily available for the CPU. A lot of cheap laptops come with 4 GB, which is okay for surfing the web. If you think your grandparent might be doing something that requires more resources then it is okay to stretch to 8 GB, but it is most likely not necessary.

List of best laptops for grandparents

Based on our research, our pick as the best laptop for grandparents is the Acer Aspire 5 (#ad).

Acer Aspire 5 – Best Budget Laptop

Image of Acer Aspire
OamaTech Score: 9/10

The Acer Aspire is a great laptop for seniors. It comes at a great price and offers all the features that we are looking for. First, the screen is a 15.6 inch full HD IPS display. The size is great, the resolution is correct. This laptop is also using the Acer BlueLightShield which reduces the blue light strain on your eyes. This can be helpful for your grandparents if they are not used to staring at a screen all day like many younger people are. There is also the option of using night light on windows to reduce the amount of stress on your eyes. 

The keyboard is also good on this laptop. It is backlit which is one of the most important keyboard features we are looking for. There is also a numpad so it makes it a bit easier to type numbers. 

As far as storage goes this laptop is a bit limited. There is an SSD with 128 GB on board. In most cases I would say this is a bit small, but for a senior person this could be just right. What will most likely take up most of the space are photos. There is also the possibility of getting an external hard drive or even a thumb drive to store extra files on if needed. 

The laptop comes with a battery that lasts up to 7.5 hours. That is pretty decent for a battery, and is around the range that we are looking for. There are also a number of ports, but there is no CD drive on this laptop which can be a negative for some. It is possible to get an external CD drive though which would remedy the problem. 

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ASUS VivoBook 15 – Lightweight Laptop

Image of ASUS VivoBook
OamaTech Score: 9/10

The ASUS VivoBook is a great laptop for seniors. It has the right size screen coming in at 15.6 inches. It is also a full HD screen which is just what we are looking for. There are also almost no bezels on this laptop which makes it look a lot more premium.

The keyboard also matches the features we want. It is backlit and there is a keypad.  A special feature about this laptop is that it has a fingerprint reader. This can be incredibly useful for your grandparents as they can have a secure password on the laptop but still be able to easily unlock it.

This laptop has ample storage with a 256 GB SSD. It is important that the laptop has an SSD as it makes a big difference in how fast it is. The screen is a full HD option.

In addition to meeting all our requirements, this laptop is also comes with 8 GB of DDR4 RAM. This means that the laptop should be okay for multitasking with the AMD Quad Core R5-3500U CPU. This should be a great laptop for your grandparents. The laptop is also quite light at only 3.5 lbs. 

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Dell Inspiron 15 5000 – Great Laptop Option

Image of Dell Inspiron 15 5000
OamaTech Score: 8/10

The Dell Inspiron 15 5000 is a great laptop for grandparents. The Inspiron is a popular model and this is one of the lower end models. This particular one still comes with a 15.6 inch touchscreen. It is full HD and offers a good quality image. Your grandparents might not want a touchscreen, and you don’t have to use it.

Most cheaper laptops have to compromise on something, and this laptop comes with a Hard Drive instead of an SSD. Normally I would recommend against this but this laptop has some other things going for it.

This laptop comes with a CD drive which might be important for some. Many people still use CDs and if that is important to your grandparents then this laptop might be a good option. As speed is not of the greatest concert this should be OK. For the most part, the biggest difference would be that the laptop would boot up slower than if it had an SSD. 

There is also a backlit keyboard on this laptop.

See the Dell Inspiron 15 5000 (#ad) on Amazon.


I myself have a grandparent who is an advent laptop user. He researches things, he writes emails, and he is on facebook. What he does not do is play video games, and your’s is likely not either. Because of this, I would recommend a 15 or 17 inch laptop that offers good battery life. I also think the keyboard should be backlit, and if there is a CD drive that would be great. CD drives are not that common any more and many people have memories saved on various CDs. 

When doing your research into what is the best laptop for grandparents you should keep the pointers from above in mind.

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