Best Laptop for Homeschooling – 2020 Guide

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For homeschooling a laptop should be part of your inventory, but it does not need to be the most advanced laptop. For homeschooling you can have a laptop that functions both as a family laptop and for education. In today’s society it can be advantageous for children to learn how to handle a laptop, and the computers we list here are good choices. There are both budget options and some that provide a little extra if you want a more well rounded laptop that will last for years. 

List of best laptops for homeschooling

Our pick as the best laptop for homeschooling is the Acer Aspire 5 (#ad) .

Acer Aspire

Image of Acer Aspire
OamaTech Score: 10/10

The Acer Aspire is a great laptop for homeschooling. It works for kids and it works for parents. This laptop is not expensive but it still offers really good parts. It also offers a lot of ports and a very good screen. If you plan on using video at all then this screen is quite well suited. 

The laptop comes with an i5-8265U which is quote good. This CPU should be more than what any child would need, and it is powerful enough to handle any administration tasks you might want to do. It can easily handle software such as excel and other tracking tools. 

There is 8 GB of RAM on the laptop. This means that the laptop is well suited for multitasking and can be running a lot of programs at once and still feel fast. It is also the DDR4 kind which is both faster and uses less power than the DDR3 predecessor. 

As far as storage goes there is a 256 GB SSD. 256 GB is not a large amount, but you can always get some external storage if you feel you need more. The most important part is that it is an SSD. SSDs are much faster than HDDs and you should not get a laptop with just a regular hard drive.

There is also a fingerprint reader so that you can easily unlock the laptop. This is a great feature as you can have a secure password but still unlock it fast.

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Dell Inspiron 15 5000

Image of Dell Inspiron 5000
OamaTech Score: 7/10

The Dell Inspiron 5000 is another good laptop for homeschooling. This laptop also has a full HD screen which makes it excellent for educational videos, especially science videos. This screen is also a touch screen so that you can use programs that are specifically designed to work with touch. 

The laptop comes with an Intel Core i5-8250U CPU. This is another CPU that will be just perfect for homeschooling. It should be able to handle anything you can throw at it.

This laptop also comes with 8 GB of DDR4 RAM. This really is a good amount for a laptop. 8 GB is the new minimum for mid-range laptops, but this laptop is quite a bit cheaper than a mid-range. You can still get cheaper laptops but then you would be sacrificing something important in terms of performance or usability. 

One of the sacrifices that this laptop makes is that it only has a hard drive. You do get 1 TB though which should last for quite some time before you need to delete anything. There are pros and cons with most laptops in this price range and I think this is a reasonable compromise. 

The Dell Inspiron 5000 has a lot of other features that you should have a look at. 

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ASUS ZenBook

Image of ASUS ZenBook
OamaTech Score: 8/10

The ASUS ZenBook is a slightly more expensive option for those who want a premium looking laptop. The laptop is a bit smaller than the other options at 13.3 inches. This can be a bit small for some people, but others find it the perfect travel companion as you can easily bring it places. If you plan on using things such as the library, then this might be a good option. The laptop only weighs 2.5 lbs and can charge 60% in just 49 minutes.

The laptop comes with the Intel Core i5-8265 CPU. This is the same CPU as some other options and it should be perfectly good for homeschooling. 

There is 8 GB of LPDDR3 RAM. this is not as good as DDR4 but it specializes in using less power. This gives you more battery life. This laptop can get up to a whopping 14 hours of battery life. This is incredible and makes the laptop really good if you are going to be outside of your home for long periods.

For storage there is a 512 GB SSD which is a very good option. You will most likely not need more than 512 GB, and the fact that it is an SSD is great. 

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ASUS VivoBook

Image of ASUS VivoBook
OamaTech Score: 8/10

The ASUS VivoBook is one of the best laptops for homeschooling. It is cheap, it looks great, and it offers good parts. This laptop can also fast charge and offers 60% in just 49 minutes. The bezels are tiny which makes the laptop look great. There is also a fingerprint reader on this laptop.

The laptop comes with an Intel i3-8145U CPU. This CPU is weaker than the other options, but it should be good enough for your activities. An i3 is a good CPU and it can handle any daily tasks you want to do. It is not a good option if you want to play video games in your spare time.

The SSD is also a bit small at 128 GB. In reality this is not such a big problem unless you want to play video games or install really big programs. There is cloud storage and external storage available to easily add more space if needed.

The laptop has 8 GB of DDR4 RAM which is great for a laptop in this price range. This is a laptop you should seriously consider if you are looking for a very good entry level laptop.

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Getting the best laptop for homeschooling does not need to be expensive. The laptop you should choose should be the best one for your budget. In this guide we have explored the best options in the low to low-mid range. If you are looking for something a lot more powerful than you can have a look at our guide on best laptops for machine learning. You can also have a look at the best laptops for FL studio to see more powerful laptops.