Best Laptop for Nursing Students – 2020 Guide

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You can get away with most laptops for nursing school. All you have to be able to do is write lots of papers and do lots of research. Your lecture days will be very long so picking up a laptop that has good battery life can be advantageous. Because you will be carrying it around, having something that is somewhat light is also recommended.

We recommend getting a good laptop that will last you the duration of your studies. You certainly don’t need something like a web development laptop, but it should meet the system recommendations we have listed below.

System Recommendations

Here are the specs we recommend that you aim for:

CPU8th gen i39th gen i5 or better
RAM8 GB8 GB or more
SSD Size256 GB512 GB

That is it for specs, the other things are not core requirements. If you really want good battery life, then go with the one that has the best battery life and so on.

8 Best Laptops for Nursing Students

The best laptops for nursing students are:

  1. Dell XPS 13 9300: Best Overall
  2. Acer Aspire 5: Best Budget
  3. Dell Inspiron 15: Powerful alternative
  4. Lenovo ThinkPad E15: Business oriented
  5. Asus VivoBook S15: Great laptop
  6. HP 15: Very good HP
  7. Lenovo IdeaPad 3: Smaller form
  8. Asus VivoBook: Budget option

Lets dive into the options

We think the best laptop for nursing school is the new Dell XPS 13 9300.

Dell XPS 13 9300

Dell XPS
Our top pick for nursing students

The Dell XPS is a beautiful laptop that is great for a nursing student who is constantly on the go. The 5 pound weight is testimony to the high quality build components, making the small form factor laptop feel both premium and sturdy.

  • CPU: i7-1065G7
  • SSD: 256 GB
  • RAM: 8 GB

This laptop is for those who want both a premium look and specs. There are lots of features about the Dell XPS that makes it an excellent choice for nursing students. One reason in particular is the brand new 10th generation Intel Core i7-1065G7. This CPU works really well for multi-tasking and even running some more intensive programs.

It is really annoying when you have word open as well as a few chrome tabs and your laptops starts to stutter, but the CPU in this laptop will go a long way in preventing that. Coupled with the 8 GB of RAM you should not have any problems with anything nursing school can throw at you.

Although not important for performance, the thin bezels makes the laptop look really good. The screen also gets really bright, up to 500-nits, making it good for the times when you have to work in an area with lots of natural lightning.

Overall the Dell XPS is great, and we think it is the best laptop for nursing school.

Acer Aspire 5

Acer Aspire
Best budget laptop for nursing school

The Acer Aspire line has been around for a long time and it is one of the best budget options. The laptop offers a sleep form factor packed with new and powerful parts.

  • CPU: i5-10210U
  • SSD: 256 GB
  • RAM: 8 GB

For nursing school there are not a lot of laptops that are more suited than the Acer Aspire 5. It comes at a reasonable price, it offers good parts, and it has been around for a long time. These are all qualities we are looking for in the best laptop for nursing school.

Something I especially like about this option is the finger print reader that it has. It makes it very convenient to unlock you laptop, something which is handy when you bring it to your lectures. There is also backlit keyboard which works well for when you will be staying up writing all your papers.

The bezels could be a bit smaller to give it more of a premium look, but overall it is not a bad looking laptop. It is thin and actually looks quite good except from the bezels.

If you end up picking the Acer Aspire then you will not regret it. It is a wonderful laptop that will work great for your purpose.

Dell Inspiron

Dell Inspiron
Premium look with great power

The 2020 version of the Dell Inspiron is a great laptop. It has fairly thin bezels, giving it a great look, and when coupling that with the thin body it really gives off a premium vibe.

  • CPU: i7-1065G7
  • SSD: 512 GB
  • RAM: 8 GB

This laptop is for those who want a little more power than what the budget options can offer. This laptop is still reasonably priced, but it does offer a little more than most of the other options on this list.

One thing in particular which is unique with the Dell Inspiron is that it has a GPU. You certainly dont need a GPU for nursing school, but many people enjoy playing video games or doing some sort of video editing. Those are just two examples of activities that require a little but of power, and the Nvidia GeForce MX230 can go a long way with that. It is not the most powerful GPU out there, but it does make the laptop viable for some of those more resource intensive tasks.

Another great thing about this laptop is the bigger SSD. 512 GB really gives you more room to install what you want. 256 GB might sound like a lot, but it will quickly fill up if you install a few programs, especially if you install any games.

The Dell Inspiron would serve you well in nursing school if you were to go with it.

Lenovo ThinkPad E15

Lenovo ThinkPad
Long lasting and durable option

The Lenovo Thinkpad E15 is a refreshed version of the ThinkPad line. It comes with 2020 specs, including a brand new Intel Core i5-10210U CPU. This laptop is great for those who want something that can handle a lot of use.

  • CPU: i5-10210U
  • SSD: 512 GB
  • RAM: 16 GB

This laptop is one of the few on this list with 16 GB of RAM. 8 GB is the minimum you should aim for, regardless of your use case. RAM is so cheap now that you should not get anything less. RAM is very important in how well the laptop can handle running a lot of programs at once, so the more you have the better. 16 GB is probably the upper limit of how much you need in a laptop that can handle multitasking well.

Another thing that I like about this laptop is that it has a larger SSD. 512 GB is quite a good size for this price, so you don’t have to worry about running out of space.

The build quality of the laptop is quite good. It might feel a little cheap, but this form factor has been around for many years and it is a very popular office laptop because it lasts a long time.I have personall used a ThinkPad as one of my office laptops for a long time, and it works very well for general purpose tasks.

The ThinkPad would work well for nursing school. It has all the specs you would want from a laptop, and is likely to last you a long time.

ASUS VivoBook S15

ASUS VivoBook
Good and stylish laptop

The VivoBook is a laptop that offers style, decent power, and portability. The laptop also has some neat features such as a fingerprint reader, metal body, and a large screen to body ratio.

  • CPU: i5-10210U
  • SSD: 512 GB
  • RAM: 8 GB

The laptop does not have as much RAM as the ThinkPad, but it is a much better looking laptop if that is important to you. This is a laptop that you can easily fit in your backpack, and will be nice to have on the desk. It weighs under 4 pounds despite the metal chassis that is only 1.6 cm high.

There is also a good sized 512 GB SSD, 8 GB of RAM, and a new 10th generation i5 CPU. These specs make this laptop pretty good, but the specs are about average for this price. The form factor and looks of the laptop is what might bring it over the top for you.

The screen also looks quite good, and the bezels are pretty small, adding to the already good looks. Having small bezels makes the laptop feel more premium. There are also various color options that you can pick from to fit your individual style.

Overall the VivoBook is a great option if you want a laptop that looks really good.

HP 15

HP 15
A good option from HP

The HP 15 would be a good option for a lot of nursing students. It is reasonably priced, offers decent specs, and is produced by a reputable manufacturer. It is a thin and fairly good looking laptop that offers a 50% charge in 45 minutes, which is great for a student on the move.

  • CPU: i5-1035G1
  • SSD: 256 GB
  • RAM: 8 GB

One of the best features of this laptop is the fast charging. Being able to get 50% in just 45 minutes is really good for when you have to spend all day in lectures. The battery also gives you up to about 10 hours of battery life depending on your use, so those 45 minutes really give you a lot of use.

As far as sepcs go the laptop is pretty decent, it is about what you would expect for this price category. The SSD is a little on the small size, but this is a very common size for laptops priced around this level.

The laptop is also very light which makes it easy to bring back and forth, and also fairly thin so it will easily fit in your backpack. This laptop is a good option for those who need a long lasting battery coupled with good looks and reasonable specs.

The HP 15 is definitely a laptop you should consider.

Lenovo IdeaPad 3

The Lenovo IdeaPad 3 is great for those who want a little smaller laptop. Although not a lot smaller than a 15.6 inch, the laptop measures at 14 inches. Some people like the smaller 13 inch laptops also, but some find those too small, so a 14 inch might be a good compromise.

  • CPU: AMD Ryzhen 5 3500U
  • SSD: 256 GB
  • RAM: 8 GB

This is the only option on this list that does not have an Intel CPU. AMD is a great chip manufacturer, they just don’t have as big of a market share as Intel does currently. They are more common in desktop machines as it is easier to mix and match parts there.

The laptop has fairly thin side bezels, but the top one could still be improved. Thin bezels really makes the laptop look more premium, so I wish they would have gotten a thinner top bezel too.

This is one of the lighter laptops on this list, weighing only 3.3 pounds. This makes it great for carrying back and forth. It is also one of the more reasonably priced laptops if you are looking for something a little more budget friendly.

The Lenovo IdeaPad 3would be a good choice for many that are looking for something in this price range.

ASUS VivoBook 15

ASUS VivoBook 15
Budget model of the VivoBook 15

There are a few configurations for the ASUS VivoBook 15, but we have picked the one we believe is the best budget option for nursing students. The VivoBook is a darker shade laptop that looks really good. It has tiny bezels which makes it look like a premium priced laptop.

  • CPU: i3-1005G1
  • SSD: 128 GB
  • RAM: 8 GB

The size of the SSD on this laptop is not great, and you should only go for this if you are looking for something a little cheaper. The VivoBook is a great laptop, and they have a configuration with a better CPU and a 512 GB SSD for a little more that you might want to check out further up the list.

Depending on what you intend to use the laptop for, the SSD might not be a problem for you. This model of the laptop is only suited for general purpose use, and would not be a good option for something like playing video games.

This is the weaker laptop on this list, but you might find it a good option for you because of the pricing.


Overall we think the Dell XPS is the best laptop for nursing school. It is a great looking laptop with great parts. If you are looking for something a little cheaper then check out the Acer Aspire next.

You don’t need the most powerful laptop out there, such as a laptop for virtualization, but rather something that can last you a long time and still offer reasonable performance.

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