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The most important thing in the best laptop for watching movies is the screen. After all, that is was you will be looking at as you consume the latest movie to hit the market. There are a few other things that are nice to have as well, as most people use the laptop to other things than just watch movies. That being said, if you just want a laptop for watching movies in your spare time, pretty much any laptop will do as long as the screen resolution is high enough to give decent image quality.

List of Best Laptops for Watching Movies

These laptops are all good options, and they should last you a long time if you take care of them. There will be options ranging from mid-range to low end. The more expensive laptops are better in pretty much every area, but for your use case you don’t need such a powerful laptop and it will mostly just be wasted unless you are interested in other things such as playing a video game or two.

The best laptop for watching movies is the Acer Aspire (#ad).

Acer Aspire – Top Pick

Image of Acer Aspire - best laptop for watching movies
OamaTech Score: 10/10

This is a low end version of the laptop. The reason why this made my top pick as best laptop to watch movies is that it is very cheap with a good screen. If all you are doing is consuming video then you don’t need any sort of processing power. This laptop will be just fine for surfing the web and writing emails. This is not the best laptop all around, but for watching movies it will get the job done.

It has a full HD screen which will enable you to watch movies in pretty good resolution. It is not ultra HD 4k, but you would be spending a lot of money for that. All you really need for media consumption is a decent screen, and this one is okay.

The battery life is pretty decent at 7.5 hours. This will enable you to bring the laptop around and still be able to watch a few movies before needing a charge. You can always carry the charger as well if you find that 7.5 hours is not enough to get you through the day.

The laptop only has 4 GB of RAM, but it is DDR4 RAM which is really good. You can always upgrade the amount of ram in the future too if you feel you need more performance out of the laptop. RAM is very important for multitasking, and 4 GB is a little low. But, as long as you are just using this laptop for basic tasks and watching movies then you should be just fine.

If you are looking for a cheap laptop for watching movies then this model of the Acer Aspire is a great choice for you.

See the Acer Aspire (#ad) on Amazon.

ASUS VivoBook Pro

Image of ASUS VivoBook Pro
OamaTech Score: 10/10

Let’s start this list with a really good 17 inch laptop. This laptop has pretty much anything you could want in a laptop for watching movies (Except from a 4k screen). It is big, beautiful, and powerful. This is a laptop for you if you thing you will be needing at least a decent amount of power for other things. Just for watching movies this laptop might be a bit much. The screen is a good full HD option with 1920 x 1080 resolution.

It has an Intel Core i7-8565U CPU. This is an 8th generation i7 which is suitable even for playing video games at a decent setting. For watching movies it is definitely not required, but it will also make the laptop feel better for longer. More powerful parts will be better able to handle more resource demanding software in the future. Having something that will last longer is an investment choice to make.

In addition to a good CPU, this option also has a GPU. A GPU is good for very resource intensive tasks such as playing video games or music production. This is definitely overkill for watching movies but might want to play some games too.

The storage is a 256 GB SSD coupled with a 1 TB Regular hard drive. This is a great combination and you will have a hard time filling this up as most services are streaming based these days.

The 16 GB of DDR4 RAM should also be enough to keep you happy for the lifetime of this PC.

See the ASUS VivoBook Pro (#ad) on Amazon.

Dell Inspiron – Best if you want more power

Image of Dell Inspiron
OamaTech Score: 9/10

Another laptop that I really enjoy recommending is the Dell Inspiron. The reason is that this is one of the best laptops for your money right now. It is is a mid-range laptop in terms of price, but it packs very powerful parts. Again, for watching movies this is a lot more than what you need. If you just want a good laptop for watching movies then take a look at the Aspire at the top of this page. If you want something more then keep reading.

The laptop comes with a full HD IPS screen which is great for watching movies. It is not a 4k screen but you probably won’t notice much difference.

The laptop comes with a 9th generation i7-9750H. This is a very good CPU and it is the same CPU that comes on a lot more expensive gaming laptops. The CPU is the brain of the computer and the better the CPU the better the laptop. Of course, it comes down to what you will be using the laptop for. This CPU is very powerful and is great if you think you will be doing some resource intensive tasks. Also, such a new CPU will definitely last a long time. If you go with a cheaper option then it will feel out of date much quicker than what this one will.

The laptop also has a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 GPU. This makes the laptop suitable for playing video games or doing this such as modeling or video rendering. If you are interested in computer modeling you can check out our guide on best laptop for revit.

See the Dell Inspiron (#ad) on Amazon.

What to look for in the Best Laptop for Watching Movies

Now that you know a cheap laptop for watching movies, let’s have a look at some of things you should be looking for.


The screen is perhaps the most important part of the laptop for watching movies. There are a few things you should consider about the screen when you do your research.

Screen Size

There are mainly three options when it comes to screen size. 13-inch, 15-inch, and 17-inch. There are some variations but those are the most common options. For watching movies you are better off going with either a 15-inch or a 17-inch version. 17 inches will give you extra screen real estate which is very important for media consumption. The only thing is that they are quite big and having them on your lap might be a bit cumbersome for some.

Matte or Glossy

Screens are either matte or glossy. The matte screen diffuses the light as it exits the screen and therefore produces less glare. This makes the matte option better for situations where you cant control the light. The glossy option on the other hand produces more glare in sunlight, but it has a bit better image quality. Because of that you need to consider the environment in which you will be using the laptop. If you will be watching movies in the dark, then go with the glossy option. If you will be bringing the laptop around and you cant always control the light then perhaps the matte option is better for you.


The resolution is quite important as well for watching movies. Most videos these days are recorded in high definition. Even videos that you find on YouTube have high resolution. If you want to take advantage of this then you need a higher resolution screen on your laptop as well. I think a full HD option is the best balance point between price and quality. They are also becoming very common. You can get ultra HD screens which is 4k, but they only come on laptops that are quite expensive.

Battery Life

A laptop dedicated for media consumption is one case where the battery life might be of some importance. In the end it comes down to how you plan on using the laptop. Most laptops have okay battery life these days and can go for several hours without needing to be charged. If you plan on using the laptop somewhere you have access to an outlet this is of little importance. You can simply bring the charger with you, it is not so difficult. If on the other hand, you wont have access then take the battery life into consideration. The important part is to not be blinded by the battery life. It is not the most important feature of a laptop for most, and it can easily be a big distraction. Just make sure that it will last 5-6+ hours and you should be okay.


RAM is important for multitasking and making the laptop feel responsible, not so much for watching movies. That being said, I imagine that you will be using the laptop for some other tasks as well. If you will just be doing basic tasks then 4 GB should be enough for a long time. All mid-range laptops come with a minimum if 8 GB these days, but they are more often used for more intensive tasks. If you plan on having a lot of programs open at the same time then you might want to consider an 8 GB option as well. If you know what you are doing, you can also upgrade the amount quite easily in the future yourself too.


A downside of many cheaper laptops is that they hardly have any storage. You have to make sure that you get a laptop with an SSD as it makes a huge difference in how fast the laptop feels. You will find that many of the lower end laptops only have 128 GB of storage though. So if you want to go with a cheaper option then you have the possibility of using either external storage or cloud storage. External storage is very cheap these days so don’t be too discouraged by a smaller drive. Just make sure it is an SSD.


for watching movies you are completely find with pretty much any CPU. You don’t need a GPU. If you are looking for the best laptop for machine learning on the other hand then you do need top of the line items from these categories

Final comments on the best laptop for watching movies

Usually, the best laptop for a specific use case is just the best laptop in the price range of the user. In this post I have given you one cheap option and two mid-range options. They are all great laptops, and you will definitely get good use out of any of them. You often get what you pay for with laptops, and you have to keep your use cases in mind when you make your decision. If you just want a good laptop for watching movies then check out the Aspire option. If you want a laptop that is great for much more than just media consumption, then consider one of the other two.

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