Best Laptops by Size

Laptops come in all shapes and sizes. You can even use external monitors and keyboards and create more of a traditional desktop feeling using a laptop.

Because there are so many options we have put together some guides that focus specifically on the best laptops within each laptop size category.

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Most Common Sizes

The following are the most common laptop sizes that you will be able to find.

  1. 17 inches
  2. 15 inches
  3. 14 inches
  4. 13 inches

There are some more categories, and within each category it can vary a little.

Laptop Guides by Size

Below are all the size specific guides we have where we go into detail about the pros and cons of each category, and explain what we think are the best option in each category. Of course, the best laptop for you will depend almost entirely on your use case.

17 Inch laptops

The first category is the 17 inch. These laptops are larger, and one of the main reason for getting such a large laptop is the increased screen real-estate. Check out this guide if you are looking for the best 17 inch laptops.